What Does a Stage Manager Do?

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A stage manager manages the technical aspects of the stage, props and the position of actors. Find out how stage managers on TV or film sets may work as a middle person between the producer, director and crew with information from a TV and video producer in this free video on production jobs.

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Video Transcript

Depending on what type of a production company that a stage manager works in, they may have different types of duties. Generally, in theater for example, a stage manager would actually manage the stage. That could mean technical aspects of the stage, props, things of this nature or even to the human aspect, the positioning of the actors, where they're supposed to be on stage, when they're supposed to come off, when they're supposed to go back on. Perhaps even behind the scenes, behind the curtain, they would manage the stage back there as well as far as people coming on and off the stage, people moving the props when the curtain closes, those types of things. A stage manager in a television and video production manager may be different. For example they may work with the director and with the producer and perhaps be the middle person between the producer, director and the crew or perhaps between the crew and the actors and the director. So, a stage manager does a number of different things depending on what type of production or production company that they happen to be working with.


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