What Is a Laser Disc?

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A laser disc is an obsolete, analog format used to record and play audio and video. It was invented in 1958 and failed to catch on with the general public. Learn how laser discs were the forerunner to CDs with information from a TV and video producer in this free video on laser discs.

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You may ask what is a laser disc? Well, a laser disc is actually an obsolete format. It came out after vinyl and was used years ago, was actually invented prior to 1960, 1958 actually by Phillips and MCA it was developed. And a laser disc was actually an eleven inch disc, almost twelve inch disc and it was actually the... not a digital format. It was actually an analog format that held sixty minutes each side or thirty minutes on each side of information or of video and audio. And it never really caught on... in Europe it was pretty much obscure and only two percent of people in America actually ended up using laser disc although the quality was superior to that of the VHS and even the beta max that came out later. It still just never caught on although it was the forerunner to CDs and now what we have is the DVDs. So when people think of laser disc, they make think, "Well, they're talking about a CD or they're talking about a DVD that's read by an optical eye." It's not the case. Really a laser disc is a format that was used years ago and never really caught on and now you know.


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