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Develop a talk show by deciding what type of show to produce, finding the right host, getting a camera guy and finding a good editor. Make sure sound is excellent for a talk show with advice from a TV and video producer in this free video on television production.

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Video Transcript

If you want to develop a talk show, you're going to need to know a couple things. Number one, you're going to need to know what type of topics you want to cover. What type of show you want to develop. Based upon that, you want to find the right host to be in your show. If it's a light hearted, Oprah type of feel. You might want to find a women, who's sensitive. And is able to portray that type of an image. If it's more of an intellectual type of a talk show. You may want to find a Doctor Phil type. If it's little more crazy, Jerry Springer style. Well, you get the idea. You'll need your camera guy, so make sure you have at least two to three camera guys. So you have different shots. So makes it a little bit interesting in your talk show. Sound is key, so you want to make sure that your sound is great. Make sure that you have Wireless Lavalier mikes. Or you have sound guys that can actually go and out the boom mikes. Over top of the client's head. So that you can pick up great audio. And you'll need a great editor. Preferably someone who knows a lot about graphics. And how to make cool effects and transitions. For your lower third and those types of things. So those are just a couple of things. That you're going to need to know in order to develop your own talk show. I hope that helps.


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