How Does a Chain Saw Operate?

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Chain saws can either be electrically operated, running off of standard house voltage, or gasoline operated, which requires pulling a string to ignite the gas that powers the engine. Understand how different chain saws operate with instructions from an experienced carpenter and construction specialist in this free video on power tools.

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Hello, my name is Mark Blocker, in this segment we're going to cover how does a chainsaw operate. OK here I have the two most common types of chainsaws. We have an electric chainsaw and this operates off your standard house voltage. And I have a gasoline operated chainsaw, a two-stroke chainsaw. And the cutting device both work on the same on both types, one's just powered by electricity and the other by gasoline. OK how the chainsaw operates is the power plant drives the chain, the chain's got cutting teeth built into the chain. That rides on a guide bar that's what holds the chain in place as it travels around and makes a loop back through the clutch assembly. That's how the chainsaw does it's cutting action. The guide bar is what holds the chain in place, the power plant is what pulls and gives the chain the power to do the cutting. The thing to remember about chainsaws or any power tools is to make sure you read the directions thoroughly before operating one. Go through the owner's manual, become familiar with it and a thing to remember about chainsaws is they have a real long exposed cutting surface unlike other saws. So extra precaution has to be taken on safety features with chainsaws so make sure you read your operator's manual before attempting to use one. That's how a chainsaw works.


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