How to Do Chain Saw Maintenance

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Chain saw maintenance includes keeping the air filter clean, regularly removing and cleaning the spark plugs, sharpening the blade regularly and dusting the entire saw with a stiff brush. Keep a chain saw working properly throughout its lifetime with instructions from an experienced carpenter and construction specialist in this free video on power tools.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment we're going to cover how to do chainsaw maintenance. O.k., on chainsaw maintenance I went to the Stil website and they gave me twenty one pages of maintenance tips just on tips for the maintenance of chainsaws. So what I'm going to do is just try and cover quickly a few of the more important tips on doing chainsaw maintenance. You're going to need a few basic tools, a socket assembly and screw driver so you can remove spark plugs, adjust the chain tension, things of that nature and a brush that you can wipe off excess dirt and debris that builds up on the chainsaw. Some of the more important things in chainsaw maintenance is keeping the air filter clean. This can be removed by loosening this back nut, sliding the assembly up. The air filter assembly is a cleanable unit that's mounted on the back of the saw, can be removed by a couple of screws, just want to brush that off, blow it out with some compressed air, blow this area out around here with compressed air, keep all the mechanism for the throttle linkage area working smoothly. Spark plug's located right inside the top. You can remove the spark plug and clean it and inspect it with your tool. To keep the chain cutting assembly working correctly you want to make sure to sharpen it regularly. You can do this with a hand file or they have electric grinders that perform this service. Also make sure that your chain's properly lubricated, the oiling system's working good and the chain has proper tension. All this information can be found in the operator's manual that came with your chainsaw. And if you don't have one you should be able to go to the manufacturer's website and get that information. There's about twenty one pages worth. I can't cover it all in this short period of time, but that's how you do chainsaw maintenance.


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