How to Draw a Monkey

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Drawing a monkey is done by first drawing a line of action, sketching out the tail, ears and face, and using a pencil to sketch in fur details. Draw a monkey, adding personality and expression to its face, with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to, I'm going to teach you how to draw a monkey. First thing you want to think about is what makes a monkey a monkey. We'll start with a line of action. A monkey's got a tail, so this is actually starting with a tail and coming down to the head. The head, a monkey's got a big muzzle, big eyes, ears. And that's probably what makes the monkey a monkey more than anything are the big ears. Then maybe he's got a banana in one hand. The other hand, I don't know. He could be scratching himself somewhere. Alright. So then my monkey is hanging upside down by his tail, on a branch. You notice I'm drawing in pencil first. Doing my basic construction elements. And I'm going to come back with a marker when I get the pencil monkey the way I want him. And just pick the lines that I want and finish him off. So the pencil lines really won't matter. I'll come back, start with the head. This just kind of makes the personality of the monkey. It's like all monkeys have this David Letterman gap in the front teeth. I'm going to start with that. Eyes, ears. We've got his hand here holding a banana. I'm going to curve the banana in the other direction. The other hand reaching back. And a monkey butt. Tail going up over the tree. OK and the tail will actually be wrapped around the tree. At least two times. A branch. And you come back with an eraser and kind of get rid of your construction lines so you can see where you are on your drawing. If you're drawing, remember when you draw in pencil to draw very lightly so it's a little easier to come back and erase the lines that you used to build your monkey from. Alright. And then when you've got most of the construction lines out, you can come back and add some shadows and some shading. And that'll be pretty much to your taste. We won't go into that right now. There. And that's how you draw a monkey.


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