How to Draw Dragon Line Art

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To draw dragon line art, sketch out the basic shape of a dragon, add scales, fire for breath and wings, and outline the image in ink, using thicker lines for shadow areas. Draw dragon line art with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to learn how to draw a line art dragon. First thing, draw yourself a line of action for this dragon to follow. It's always easier to put the elements unto this. A kind of dragon, it actually has a very specific things to it. A big mouth that's almost bird-like in structures. Of course it breathes fire so that's kind of come out of the mouth. Usually has a horns and scales, reptilian eyes and almost like a snake-like neck curling back to tie, a small arms the front, leading backwards to a bigger belly hunches area with big, bigger legs at the back. Now our dragon, some dragons are fliers, our dragon will be a flying dragon. Again, with almost reptilian wings rather than feathers, and the tail drifting back into the background. Okay. Now what I'm doing is I'm drawing the construction elements in pencil. Even though there's a end product will be strictly line art and we start with our construction elements. So then we come back with our marker and we flesh them out starting at the head; simple lines, reptilian eyes, and here horns and it got tongue; here's mouth and another horn on the neck. All the neck back from our line of action, little hands, little arms and hands at the front leading back to a bigger hunch area. Back legs and going backwards all the way to the tail, this might even have a four cut. Okay. As a reptilian you can come back and add scoots along the back. Again remember, reptilian wings, and it's such so true, the other leg in the background; you can get it scales on his belly. And that, that's pretty much a dragon, it can be flying over the countryside; trees down below and that's pretty much it. When you're done you can come back and erase the construction lines, the pencil lines that you see here. If you draw them light enough, that should come right off. And that's how you draw a line art dragon.


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