How to Make Line Art Drawings

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Making line art drawings involves sketching out the basic construction of the image in pencil, darkening the important lines and outlining the entire thing in ink. Create dramatic line art with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today, we're going to learn how to make line art drawings. First, start with a line of action. What we'll do is we build our drawing with a...well, I build my drawing with a pencil. Maybe start with a line of action. Pencil construction elements to create the finished drawing. So maybe we start with just our pencil. Now, remember, you want to draw very lightly as you're drawing, especially the construction elements because you're going to come back and get rid of these when you create your finished work. Okay. And once we have enough construction lines in place and we're pleased with how the drawing is shaping up, we can come back and pick up a pen and do the finished work. Now, when you come in with your pen, you want to pick just the lines that you want to keep. And you can choose to use your construction lines or you can go a completely different course. All right? You just start here and you actually give shape to some of these more boxy construction elements. Okay? So instead of a square, these lines become a little more organic -- a little more true to a person's shape. Like I said, the construction lines are more guides than anything else. We can choose to follow them or we can come up with something completely different as we draw. Basically, what we're making here is a line drawing, and we can either come back and color later or go straight to print with. Or pretty much standalone on its own. And when you're done, get your eraser, come in and you get rid of construction lines before you go to the finished color or the finished shading or wherever you are taking your drawing next. So no one ever knows that you had construction lines underneath your line work. Okay? Come back and add whatever you need. And that's how you make line art drawings.


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