How to Draw Fairy Line Art

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Drawing fairy line art involves mapping out a general line of action, drawing in the head and torso, and using a pen to outline the image. Use a variety of line widths when making fairy line art with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to draw fairy line art. First thing, is kind of an action line. Kind of, you want to follow your construction, or you will use to place your construction elements around. We'll start with our fairy's head shape and we lead back then to the torso. Maybe she'll have one leg up, she's flying and the other leg going down. O.k., maybe the arms, one arm crossed in front of her and the other arm maybe reaching out. O.k, now if Tinkerbell's any indication, fairies have kind of segmented wings, and we'll draw the wings in at the same time. Now remember to draw your construction lines very lightly so we can come back later and erase. O.k., let's have cute little upturned noses. We're going to exaggerate the head on our fairy, make it just a little bit bigger. Alright, now that should be enough construction elements to go ahead and go to the pen to flesh out the details. Alright, so start with our fairy's head and give her long lashes. In line art we keep simple lines, a slightly upturned nose, a sweet fairy smile. And with the eyelashes we make her look a little mischievous. Fairies always seem to be up to something. And high cheeks, the arms crossed in front, maybe the other arm reaching out which you could do. And I suppose she could be sprinkling fairy dust if you wanted her to. One leg up that we talked about, and the other leg back and segmented wings towards the back and the hair and she has pointed ears. O.k., and that kind of gives us an example on what our fairy would look like flying through the air. And if you wanted to do a pattern on her wings you could do that too. O.k., and that's how you draw fairy line art.


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