How to Draw a Panda Bear

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To draw a panda bear, draw a series on circles to map out the shape of the body, add a few details in the face to give it personality, and shade in its distinguished fur pattern. Draw a panda bear with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joe Hickerson, Today I'm going to teach you how to draw a panda. First thing, panda is kind of a round, a big round animal; so we'll start with the head. And their head, you can start with a circle for the head, circle for maybe the upper torso and a bigger circle for the belly. We're going to have our panda bear sitting upright. So, and then you come in and I always like to flesh out the face first. So you'd start with his muzzle and a panda has, kind of a half triangular nose. So you make the nose and then his muzzle; it's usually split and then you do the eyes. Now panda bear has black circles around their eyes, that's kind of what makes them a panda bears. So you could even start with that and then draw the eyes themselves inside those black circles. Now what I'm doing is I'm drawing with the pencil first to kind of give me the guidelines I need so I can come back later with the marker and just pick the lines that I like to use. So that's our start on our panda. Panda bears eats bamboo. So maybe one of his hands, I'll have a little bamboo tendril with the leaves and then maybe since he's sitting down, two big circles for his hunches and these another circles for the feet, and the other hand over here, an extra. So now I've got all the construction lines I need. I might put some lines behind them for the bamboo trees. Okay. Now I come back and we'll just pick up a few of these lines. And he's have little ears that kind of what makes them cute. Okay. And they have the, not quite a perfect circular head, kind of wide this out of the base. Now I come back with the marker, I don't have to follow these construction lines that I made for myself. If I choose to go a different direction with them to make the drawing with a little more like a, rather have a, that's okay. The pencil is just for basic guidelines. Okay. Remember these eyes are black and black circles around. Okay. The pandas arms are usually black too and the legs. And we've got leaves of the bamboo and that's his snack. Okay. When you got all the line work like you like it, you can come back and erase your pencil lines. So remember as you draw your construction elements with your pencil to draw lightly; make it easier to, to erase when you're done. And that's how you draw a panda.


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