How to Draw Sea Animals

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When drawing sea animals, begin with a line of action, flesh out the main components of the animal's body, and add details to create realism in the drawing. Draw a dolphin, seal or walrus with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson in Today we're going to draw sea animals. First, let's start with a line of action. The first animal we'll draw will be a dolphin. So we'll kind of do a line so we can follow. And he'll be jumping out of the water so we'll give him a big bulbous head, comes around. Dolphins have a sideways tail and come up to a bigger torso with two side fins. The head comes off like that with kind of a circular nose or circular snout, and the eyes on the side. And this'll be kind of a cartoony variation but, you erase the lines you don't need. And kind of get a really cool three D sort of perspective to it. And now the fin is set farther back than you would expect and that's because they have a spout that comes up at the top. O.k., and that'll be the dolphin, bottle nosed dolphin, maybe jumping out of an ocean. Something else that you could draw would be maybe a seal. And again, start with your line of action. The head which is very, doesn't really distinguish from the body in a seal. Again with the tail on the seal is on the side and it has two long fins in the front and comes up, we draw the snout, two big old cheeks, and they are known for their whiskers. Very sleek body. And maybe this guy's on a rock. Water's kind of smashing in to it. That's a good sea animal. And to go ahead, I mean you can always, if you wanted to, you could thicken him up a little bit, without too much trouble, make him in to a walrus. They even have more whiskers on them. O.k., now that's two sea animals that are very easily recognized. And that's how you draw sea animals.


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