How to Draw a Rose Bouquet

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To draw a rose bouquet, map out where each rose will be, use circles to create the basic shape of each, draw the petals in a pin-wheel pattern, and add thorny stems coming from each bud. Draw a bouquet of roses, adding shadows to enhance its realism, with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today I'm going to teach you how to draw a rose bouquet. First thing, start with shapes. We're going to start with our construction lines, but shapes for a rose would be more of an ellipse. You can start with a big one in the center, big couple of them, and then just kind of move them around until you get the arrangement you're looking for. And with every rose, of course there's a stem. Let's bring the stems all down together. Okay, now you might throw some shapes that could be considered leaves in some kind of holding--maybe wrapped paper--around the base of the roses. Now the next element is really on a rose, is like a little corkscrew or pinwheel that you run in the middle of them, and this kind of starts you with an element that's very familiar and very easy to pick out with a rose. Okay, and you've almost got the essence of a rose with just that, but then you can come back, and a rose is all about petals. So then you come in and you shape the rose, and you can get as detailed as you want on these. I'm still drawing the construction elements so probably what I'll do, is when I come back with my pen, I'll make this look a little more rose-like. Right now I'm just trying to make sure the bouquet looks like a bouquet. Alright, add a couple leaves around the edges, and then come back with my pen, to pick the lines, just the lines that I want. I'll start down here at the base with the paper holding the stems together. Okay, then start with my pinwheels. Start fleshing out each individual rose. Again, you can take as much time and effort as you want on these things. Just remember a rose consists basically of a whole lot of petals that kind of fall away from the center. Okay... you get the idea. It's actually the fun part is, throwing the leaves around these guys. Of course roses do have thorns. And this could take a long time, but you get the idea of how to go about it. And that's basically the simple elements, now you can go back in and shadow... shade the roses individually if you want to. And you can get a really beautiful arrangement and of course with roses, too, the colors are really what's going to make the flower. And that's how you draw a rose bouquet.


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