How to Draw Hibiscus Flowers

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To draw a hibiscus flower, sketch out the main components of the flower, add pattern details to each petal and outline the sketch in ink to emphasize the main lines. Draw hibiscus flowers with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to draw the hibiscus flower. First thing, is you give yourself a little boundary area in which to draw it. And it almost comes within a circular boundary, so start with the center and work your way out. And a hibiscus flower has... I like to draw them without about five leaves. What I'm drawing here are construction elements, so we may or may not decide to keep them at the end. Now in the middle of these hibiscus flower is a stem that comes out, and all these leaves kind of fold to the inside, so I'll have some shading on the interior, too. Okay, so that's a good set of construction lines for our hibiscus flower. Okay, when that's done, we come back with our pen. I like to draw from the forward back. We start with the stem... going back... with the center of the flower... and next we go to the petals themselves. Again, the pencil lines we drew down to start with were just construction elements that we kind of loosely use to follow. And that's pretty much the outline of our hibiscus. We come back with our eraser, and get rid of our construction lines, and remember, so you can do this, you need to draw lightly with the pencil so the eraser lines come back up, and you can come back in over this... you can shadow it or shade it, or do whatever that makes your hibiscus look a little more the way you like it. And that's how you draw a hibiscus flower.


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