How to Draw Vines for Flowers

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Drawing vines for flowers can be done by sketching out the basic path of the vine, making it thicker at the base of the branches and adding tendrils and leaves popping off at various points. Sketch out a vine with flowers on it with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to draw vines for flowers. First, start with a line, kind of a guideline, that's vine-like. Kind of maybe add one fork at the bottom. Okay, and then you build off of this. Start at the bottom, maybe a little thicker vine at the bottom that branches out into the two vines... leaf every now and then, and maybe a tendril swirling off of it... more leaves. When you get to the very end, where you'll probably end with a tendril there, too. Okay, and just follow it up with a leaf and when you're getting enough leaves on there you can come back and maybe add a flower. Okay... you could have a couple tendrils coming off of the vine as it goes up. That's a good starting place to come back now with a marker. Follow the vine on up, fleshing it out as you go with the leaf, possibly a flower... another leaf... tendril... and more flowers. Following it up... until you finish it, like this. When you're done, if you've drawn light enough, you should be able to erase your construction lines, and come back and either add shading or color, however you choose to do your finished work. And that's how you draw vines for flowers.


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