How to Draw a Bouquet of Flowers

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When drawing a bouquet of flowers, begin by sketching out the stems and foliage, draw in the center flower and add a variety of different flowers around the bouquet. Add baby's breath and pollen for a realistic touch with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to draw a bouquet of flowers. First, we're going to start with a variety of flowers. We'll draw little ellipses to kind of give us a placeholder for the different flowers we're going to draw, and then maybe a little cone where they're going to be attached. So with the ellipse, we want to draw stems, and maybe some areas for leafy vegetation to come out the side, and when we get the basic construction elements to where we think the bouquet matches our vision, then we can come back in and flesh out the flowers. So, for instance, we could... we'd probably want to draw the flower in the center first... just might be a daisy, which has petals coming out. And then maybe, on this side, we do a blue bonnet. Okay... a leaf coming off. In the center, possibly a carnation, another leafy flower. They're easy to draw. And again, this is the construction line phase, so what we're using here are just construction elements. So what we'll probably do when we're done is come back and erase all these things. Over here we might choose a rose. Okay, rose, and maybe another daisy up at the top... baby's breath. Okay, now we have the basic construction elements that we can work from. Alright, here are all our stems going down into our cone. Alright, and get our marker out, and kind of flesh out the look of everything, starting with the daisy that's in the foreground, maybe the rose... another daisy toward the back... little baby's breath... this is great filler, by the way... another rose... carnation... a blue bonnet... the leaves... maybe some more baby's breath, kind of sprinkle it around... and there's a good start on a bouquet. And as you get farther into it, you can make it... you can balance it even better. And that's how you draw a bouquet of flowers.


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