How to Design Your Own Superhero

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When designing your own superhero, first determine whether it is good or evil, create its super powers and start drawing a basic sketch before darkening the lines in ink. Design a superhero, exaggerating the features that illustrate its power, with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going, or I'm going to teach how to design your own superhero. First thing, we need to decide what powers our superhero is going to have. A question to ask would is our superhero good? Is he evil? And usually with the word superhero you would probably guarantee him to be good. The other thing is the powers. Mine, to be completely predictable, is going to be strong and he, and he it's going to be a he, and he can fly. So we'll make it that simple. So I'll draw my construction elements, a circle for the head, a big chest since he's a strong guy. I have one leg going up, the other leg trailing behind him. He's in tights, as most superheroes are, maybe with a cape going down behind him. A big toothy smile and a huge jaw, as superheroes sometimes have. And he's flying off into space. And now I've got my construction elements in place. You notice when I'm drawing my construction elements it doesn't matter how many lines I come up with because the lines that matter is when I come back to ink I'll erase the lines I don't need. Okay? I've got a chest shield on mine, and I think a letter preference on this guy's going to be the letter J. Alright, there we go, there's our construction elements. And we come back with our marker and flesh out the elements that we want to keep. I'll start with this hand, first arm, like I said he's strong so he's going to have some pretty big muscles. Have gloves like all good superheroes do. Belt. That's a big arm on the guy. Maybe a good thumbs up, everything's okay. Said he's smiling. Huge jaw. Think I'll give him, mine a mask. Big hair. Coming around with the cape. Knee and a foot. A trailing leg. And some shadows. Chest shield, Super J. Pretty much sums up a good, well I guess stereotypical sort of superhero guy. When you're done with the inking you come back and you can erase your pencil lines, and you'll have just the lines you're want to keep. And then you can either color him, pick your colors and, make him even more custom to how you want him. That's how you design your own superhero.


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