How to Draw With Colored Pencils

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When drawing with colored pencils, begin with the lightest colors and graduate into the darker colors, being sure to pay attention to the light source and shadows. Use colored pencils in a drawing with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today, we're going to learn how to draw with colored pencils. First thing, I like to do my construction lines in pencil. I do em' light enough so maybe you won't see em', and then even if you do see em' it's not a big deal. And so, once I have my construction lines down I come right back with my colored pencil, and I usually go from light to dark. So, I find a good color for my dog and I fill him in to be a gray dog. You can see how I follow the contour of the dog with the pencil; actually following the shape, rounding out the shape. And my light source is comin' from up top, so actually the top of the dog itself is washed out white, OK? So, there's the basic dog, and I come in with some highlight colors, some other colors that I might want to use. For his tongue I might choose red, especially it's a great little splash of color against the neutral gray. Somethin' around his eye, inside of the ear, feet, and next would be the grass. And the grass; the side of the colored pencil works great for grass, cause' basically, all grass is going to be in this one is going to be for texture. You do want to turn it and use a few little point, use the point of the pencil to get some specific blades you can do that to, or leaves. Be careful with colored pencil though, cause' they do break if you press down too hard. Now, I'm basically just laying in the backdrop right now, and like all...This is a cartoon drawing, and like most cartoon drawings it's going to have a hard outline, so what I'm doin' right now is just layin' in a good background for whether I come in and choose to do a marker, or even a black colored pencil which is what I have here. And now, with the black not only am I outlining I'm givin' the pronounced, more pronounced shadow where it needs it to kind of give the dog a little bit of weight. And you know it, notice that I'm not outlining the top of the drawin' so much, or the top of the contour. I'm lettin' the light source accentuate that much more by not bein' there with the black, OK. And that's how you draw with colored pencils.


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