How to Replace Spark Plug Wires

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In order to replace spark plug wires, take off the clips with a small screwdriver, and pry the wires out one at a time. Use electrical tape to protect spark plug wires with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon, my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, certified master tech out of Redding, PA and today we're going to talk to you about how to replace spark plug wires. Now a lot of the new engines that are coming out makes it a little easier for you. On this particular engine here is a V6, all the wires are marked 1 through 6 so it makes it a little easier not to confuse them. But the first thing you're going to want to do is remove these clips, you get yourself a little tiny screwdriver, get up inside this little clip here and just pop it open. You got another one right here, same thing stick your screwdriver in just pry it open a little bit. They break off it's no big deal, you can put them back together. You get these little clips off, same process just pry them open. They come off, set them somewhere you're not going to lose them. Stick it back there. Now the easiest thing I can tell you is these wire looms sometimes are wrapped in electrical tape you have to cut that tape off, get them off, you don't want to lose this stuff, it's what protects your spark plug wires. Start one at a time. I don't really recommend if you're not a seasoned mechanic taking them all off, throwing them on the floor and say OK now I'm going to change them all. Start with one, do three of them on this head if you have a 6 cylinder or a 4 cylinder you do two and two. Just start with one, like this one here is number 6 and just take your fingers and turn this spark plug wire clockwise, counterclockwise a few times, bend it, just give it a little tug, it will pop right off. Follow your wire up to your coil pack and again, most of these new coil packs that deliver your spark are all marked on here what cylinder is what so it makes it a little easier if you get confused. Take your spark plug wire off, it's really not that hard of a job and same process in reverse. You get your new spark plug wire, you stick it on there, just make sure you got to push down, you'll hear a little tiny click. Run it down through your wire looms, make sure you push them down in there. Push on your spark plug, you'll feel it click, you're not going to hear it down here but you'll feel it pop on. And that's about all there is to it, you just take your clips, you put them back on, you wrap your wire loom back up and one at a time and you're good to go. That's all there is to it.


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