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In order to become a DJ, a person needs to learn how to mix songs together with CD or record players by using a pitch fader, and they need to learn how to work with tempo. Find out how to learn about DJing at a DJ school with help from a professional saxophonist in this free video on music and DJing.

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Video Transcript

Hey, my name's DJ Jazz B. I'm going to explain how to learn to DJ. There's some techniques that you need to master to become a DJ. You need to learn how to mix songs together and that can be done using CD players or record players. I've got record players here. These are Numark Ttxs. And to mix songs together you adjust the tempo of the song by using this pitch fader. And a pitch fader could be found on CD players and record players. You adjust the tempo of one song in order to keep the beat going at the same pace when you're fading in to the next song. The purpose of doing that obviously is just to keep everybody dancing and you don't want the music to stop in the middle of everybody out there grooving on the dance floor. So when you're learning to DJ it takes lots and lots of practice. Tempo's important. Also things to keep in mind is the key of the music that you're playing. Sometimes it's cool to fade music in using the same key or the same type of music, you know. Another thing you can do if you want to learn quickly, there's the Scratch DJ Academy. You can just sign up. There's a couple of different DJ schools around that you could sign up for. And you know, basically be shown, step by step, what to do. Also, videos on the Internet like this one, you can watch a lot and learn a lot from youtube and even MySpace and web pages like that and you know basically pick up a lot of the necessary skills of DJ. So, that's how to learn how to become a DJ.


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