What Is Production Design?

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Production design is the design of the set of the movie, or the world that the characters live within. Learn about the different platforms used in production design with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jared Drake. And I'm going to talk to you about production design. A production design is the design of the set. It is the world that the characters live in. It's the same thing as Art direction. Production design is everything that you see in the world that the characters live. In this room here, it would be the white board. It would be the walls, you know. It would be the you know, the little room back there. You know, with all the sound equipment. It'd be the stage here for the fully artist. You know, with the different platforms for them to work on. It would be the ground. It's not only those elements. But it's also what are those elements made of? And what color are they? Production design is really in charge of what the cinematographer shoots. You know, they decide what the cinematographer shoots. Without production design you don't have a set. You don't have any look, you don;t have any texture. You don't have any feel around sphere to the movie. And you really miss out. The purpose of a good production design. What they will first do, is think about the story. And talk with the director. Maybe even the producers or screen writer. Where they really get an idea of what is this story about? Who is the main character? How does he, how does this character evolve? Or characters. And they will create the world in a way that will help develop that art. That will help tell that story. You know, the production designer is as much a story teller. As anyone else on set. And they should be working to create the same story with their sets and their design. As you know, the director is working to create a movie.


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