What Does It Take to Be a Filmmaker?

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In order to become a filmmaker, all that's really needed is a camera and a boom. Discover how to hone filmmaking skills through practice with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jared Drake, and I'm going to talk to you about what it takes to become a filmmaker. To become a filmmaker I know it sounds goofy, but literally, all you need is a camera and boom, you're a filmmaker. Today, with the technology available you can take a camera, you can take editing equipment, and you can tell a good story. You know it happens all the time. Look what happened to Once. That film won an Oscar, and it was two people that said I wanted to tell a simple story about street performers, and they went and told it with their digital camera for almost next to nothing, and they won an Oscar. You can do it for nothin'. You can go out and make movies, literally, for zero dollars. What it takes to become a successful filmmaker I believe is is practice, and knowing your voice, and knowing what you want to say. A great way to discover your voice as a filmmaker is to be around other filmmakers and explore yourself through their movies and their techniques. That's what film schools are great for. You get to know the craft of filmmaking. You get to make a lot of films, you you get pushed into making a lot of films. It's one thing I found being in Los Angeles; a lot of filmmakers don't don't shoot things for whatever reason. They consider themselves filmmakers, but they don't really push it and go out and make make movies. And so that being in an environment that forces you to be constantly creating new material is great, because you have to go through that ex exploration, that that process, in order to really understand the craft and yourself as a filmmaker. And in the end, what it really takes to be a great filmmaker is you can't be afraid to totally blow it. You gotta' take risks with the stories you're telling. You gotta' take risks financially. Every movie is a financial risk. You really gotta' go for it, and as the director and as the filmmaker the finger is going to be pointed at you if everything doesn't go smooth sailing, and a lot of times that's out of your control, but there's nothing you can do. That fear alone, that fear of being looked at as the loser, the person that blew it prevents a lot of people from taking the next step in their career.


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