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If someone is shooting a movie on a video, they need to move quickly and try to get their main light source to be a soft, diffused light. Shoot as many takes as necessary when filming on video with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Hi, I'm Jerry Drake and I'm going to give you some video filming tips. First, if you're shooting on a video and it's an independent film you need to move quickly. Try and get your main light source to be just one very nice soft diffused light. You can go out an get what's called these China Balls from Ikea or Pottery Barn. And you can put a two hundred watt or ever five hundred watt bulb inside them and they cast this really nice just diffused light on the set. What that allows you to do if you have your main light sources very diffused with video, is you can, you can move quickly. You don't have to reset your main light source every time. And you know, you can jump in, you can punch out, you can reset the camera and not have to relight everything. You may want to adjust a balance here or there, or maybe your fill light. But for the most part, you got your main light source and that just covers the whole deal so you can move fast. And if you're filming a story on video, you know a lot of people think, Ah, we're shooting video, we can shoot all the takes we want, we can shoot all the footage we want. You know, it doesn't cost anything, so let's get extra takes. And what the does, it creates sloppiness. You know part of the magic of film that I really love is you gotta be prepared, you know. And when you roll camera and people know, they can hear that little..thidddddddddddd, they know that that's money going through the gate. That means they gotta bring it. So as much as you can do to get your crew and your actors to say, alright, although this is video, I gotta step up, the better. Because you're going to get better performances, you're going to get people working harder and you're going to stay on schedule. Plus the last thing you want when you get in the editing bay is fifty different tapes of the same thing because then you have to decide which one's best and it's a pain in the neck. So be prepared on set. Get it right then and there, know what you want, get what you want and just keep moving.


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