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Tools for making movies include scripts, actors, cameras, sets and sound studios. Discover how different tools come together to make a movie with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jared Drake and I'm going to talk to you about different tools in film making. The first tool that you use is the script. Script is a major tool, it's what everything revolves around. The director's job is to bring all the elements together and all the tools he has available or she has available to serve that script and what the elements are of that script and how that story unfolds. The first major tool a filmmaker has available to him or her are the actors. The actors will take the characters and bring them to life and add a quality hopefully bring quality to them not even the screenwriter or the director could imagine. Then you have the camera, the camera is a great, it is another major tool involved in the film making process. And the camera's primary job is to establish a tone and a mood in the film, help define the characters overall arc, help explore the core of the story, the main element of the story that drives the emotional side of everything. A lot of people think that camera work has great style, a lot of time style just gets in the way and really what style should be is it should be there to serve the story. Now that you have your camera and your actor, you have to have a set and the production designer is there to really create the set and create the world. And we're in a sound studio now where your sound editor if you end up having sound editors, they will do your foley session, they'll do your sound mix, all your special effects or all your sound effects and the foley artist will come in and use a platform like this to create different footsteps or maybe different sounds that you need. These are different platforms here so like I said, it's a different sound to this. This yeah, it might be somebody walking on a carpet but it could also be somebody getting hit in the head with a baseball bat through a pillow, I don't know. The foley artists get really creative with doing stuff. You got a door right here if you need doors. There's actually even a lock if you're looking for a lock or you're looking for a lock that doesn't work, I got one for you. Basically they sit in that booth back there, your sound engineers and they record all this stuff and all this new noise that's created in the sound studio here and then they mix it later so you have all this material and now the foley artist does all this while watching a picture, while watching the film on screen so they're matching up the footsteps, matching up the sitting, they're matching up the punching with the actual action so it's all synced to your picture.


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