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A camera for filmmaking has a body, lenses, the film plane and the magazine. Learn about tripods, dollies, grip equipment and post equipment with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jared Drake and I'm going to talk to you about filming equipment. First off is you have your camera. If it's a film camera, you have the body, you have the lenses, you have the film plane and you have the magazine. The magazine holds the actual film. There's a take up reel and a release reel in that magazine and what it does is it comes out of the release reel, goes into the camera body, thread it in to the camera body to the film plane or the gate then it goes back and then goes into the take up reel. So as the film runs out, shoots, goes back and is taken up to the take up reel. Now the camera is set on a tripod. A tripod holds it steady so you can get a locked shot, we're on a tripod right now. Sometimes you put the camera on what's called a dolly. The dolly is a device that moves fluidly, moves the camera very fluidly, you see that a lot of times in films. It adds a certain emotion and feel to the scene and the shot. Beyond that what you have is all your grip equipment. The basics of grip equipment are C stands which are these multi tasking stands that you use for everything. For the most part, they're used to hold up maybe lights that don't have light stands or balance boards or scrims to stop lights down, scrims are these, or nets are these devices that decrease the intensity of lights so if the light's too sharp on your fill, you'll just say let's just put it on a double net. And a grip will go in and just put in an extra net on a C stand and that will stop the light down a little bit. You have your lights, your lights are another big part of film equipment. Beyond that you have all your post equipment, a lot of post is being done on computers and you can edit everything in your computer once you get it there, to get it there you need what's called a telecine. That's a big machine that transfers the film to video. You can edit everything in your computer, you can do your sound mix in your computer if you want, you can do a lot yourself in your computer or you can do out to traditional houses and have it done properly which is still the route, they're still the path many people take.


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