How to Make a Horror Movie With Low Budget Special Effects

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When making horror movies on a low budget, remember to make the fake blood darker than one might think. Find out how to make cheap special effects for horror movies with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Jared Drake and I'm going to talk to you about making a horror movie with low budget special effects. Typically in horror movies you need blood. To do blood well, is actually a little more difficult then you would think. Some people just go out and get ketchup and think that they can squirt ketchup and it looks like blood. But film and video actually captures red a little differently then your eye does. And which is why often times blood tends to look brighter and goofy and fake in horror films or bad poorly done horror films. So try and keep the blood a little darker then what you think it would normally be. If you want to do a throat slit, meaning somebody gets their throat eeeg. What you can do is go out and get some clay and some clay and some surgical tubing, take the tube wrap it with clay and ohh cut a slit right there on the clay that looks like a throat slit. Just take a knife and cut it and maybe you may have to mold it and shape it and they'll be a little wound looking slit there right at the end of the tube. Then what you do is you attach the clay to the person's neck and you run the tube around their back and put some type of syringe at the bottom of the tube and as you cut to the person maybe you are seeing this, and you are seeing the guy that's attacking me right here, his face as he goes huahh, and then you cut around this way so then you are seeing me like you are now and I'm going uuughh and the person behind me is taking the syringe and squirting it uuuugh and that's where the blood comes squirting out. That's a cheap way to do the throat slit. What you got to do obviously when you put the clay on, you got to then take, have your makeup artist or if you are doing the makeup yourself, you got to blend or makeup whatever the clay you know so it matches your skin. Now another thing is very easy to do for horror films is to clone people maybe you want to clone people , I don't know. Basically what you do is you lock the camera off, you shoot your subject doing whatever it is the action that you want he or she to do. Once it's over you stop the camera then you move the subject to the other location or in the frame, you don't move the camera, keep it locked off. Don't even touch it. Hit record again and have them do it in the new space then you take that into post and you take the two images or you take the two files, the two shots, the two different takes and you basically crop them so they match up because you didn't move the camera at all it should look like one image but one of them is the second take which is the person moving and on the one side the other is the person moving on the other side. I don't know if that makes sense.


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