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Digital filming can be difficult because a director will want to capture lights so that the movie looks like it was shot on film. Be careful with light sources when shooting a digital film with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Jared Drake and I'm going to discuss some digital film making techniques. Ever since video was introduced the big question has been how do you get video to look like film? The advances that have been made has been 24 P, you know there is a motion that film has because you are seeing 24 still frames a second, video and typically it has been interlaced films meaning they take two images and they mesh them together and that is interlaced and it is more of a scan motion than a vibing one image every 1/24th of a second coming at you so with the advent of 24 P what you have is 24 frames of video a second. It is not interlaced like previous video cameras have been. One major problem with video has been latitude in video cameras meaning the range from the brights to the darks. Film is very good at capturing the bright brights without letting them blow out and also seeing the darkest of darks without letting them fall to black you know it captures a whole range of light. Video typically the range is much smaller so when you get light that is just a bit brighter it blows out white. The other issue with digital video is depth like lens. How the lens captures an image. Because you haven't, you are not able to use 35 millimeter lenses what happens is generally the depth of field on video is very very large so everything is in focus. Film generally has a softer background or you can play with the depth of field a lot more to give the image much more depth versus just being completely flat so if you are shooting digital you really need to be careful of your light source. Shooting exteriors especially if it is sunny out is difficult because you are going to have blown out brights and really dark shadows and it is going to feel like digital video. So if you can try and diffuse that light a little bit so the range of light is much smaller, the spectrum and the latitude from the darkest to the lightest is much more compressed.


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