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Making money with movies is difficult, but it can be helpful to team up with a sales agent. Get people talking about a movie on the Internet with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Hi, I'm Jared Drake, and I'm going to tell you how to make money with movies. Making money with movies is a very difficult thing to do, and if you find a way to do it, congratulations, because you have beat ninety-nine percent of people that are making movies. You make an independent film, let's say you're making an independent film. You shoot it, you produce it, you finance it or find someone to finance it, gets edited, it gets finished, and you apply to a film festival. Festivals are great outlets to attract sales agent who know distributors, and to attract distributors directly. Know that the middle man from all that is your sales agent, so if you have, if you have a movie that a sales agent thinks they can make money off of, they will come on board on spec, give you their services and their connections, and help you sell the film for a piece of what the movie actually ultimately makes in the end. So that's a bit piece of the puzzle for you. if you can team up with a sales agent, that'll help walk you through this entire, that entire world of finding distribution. Now, if all else fails and you don't find distribution, and you don't get a sales agent, you can always sell the movie yourself online. The interesting thing about the industry now is people are relying on critics less and less and less. In the past, when movies would go theatrical, and they would live and die by the reviews, that doesn't happen anymore because of the online world. The online world is the most powerful engine a movie can use to create buzz and hype about their film. So the question now is if you have a movie that's out there in the market place that people online can buy, how do you get that world talking? How do you get that world buzzing? You don't have to go theatrical, you don't have to have a big distributor behind you, you just need to get that world to know about your movie. You can sell the film yourself online, you can have companies just package, you can set companies, you can set up companies to package and ship your film out the second someone buys it, so you don't have to buy ten thousand DVD's and have them sitting in your garage. And so then the question becomes, how do you get known in that online world? How do you get known with, with that community? With, with, with the world, what do you do to market, market your film? And that's, that's the big question. I mean, that is the big, any way you can get yourself out there, if it's touring college campuses, cruising around the states, if it's having some type of publicity stunt, if it's hiring a publicist, if it's going on radio stations, whatever you have to do to get your movie known and talked about, you go and do. And the great thing about independent movies now is if they're good, that community, those people will start to talk, and people will go to your website and buy your movie.


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