How to Make Movies on an iMac With an iCamera

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An iMac and an iSight camera can be used to film movies that can be edited in iMovie. Hit record on an iMac to film what is being shown on an iSight with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jared Drake, and I'm going to talk to you about how to make a movie on an iMac with iCamera or iSight. The first thing you need to make a movie with a...on an iMac is an iMac, obviously. And, you do it with iSight with one of these little guys. Now, this is what they call an iSight. Can you see that? It plugs in through FireWire, goes straight into your iMac. The recent iMacs and MacBooks have these cameras built into them, so you don't even need one. Most of 'em come with 'em. I have a feeling these may actually even be discontinued. You have this plugged in, it's all set up, or you have it open on your desk-top, the built in camera. You go into iMovie and you open iMovie. iMovie's going to ask you...or it's going to prompt you to create a new project. You click that, you click 'Create New Project', and the window will pop up. It'll prompt you to save your project, so select on your desk-top where you want to save it. Click save. And at the bottom, you want to make sure that iSight is selected, the built-in camera. If iSight is selected, click Okay, and it'll take you to the next step. Then you want to move the slider from Edit to Camera mode. Move the slider, click Enter, or Save, and it's going to take you to the main iMovie window, which is, you're going to see whatever the camera's pointed at on your screen, plus a bunch of empty boxes to the right side of that image. Once you have the camera set on what it is you want to record, just hit Record, have the action play itself out, hit Stop, and it will save that movie in the little box. Then you can drag that box...the thumbnail of the movie....the shot that you just took, you can drag that thumbnail down below into the time line. You can shoot more files by just hitting record, and drag those down in the time line. Reorder them however you want. You can cut them, make them shorter. An iMovie, you can, you know, add sound to it if you want, or music, then go to File, Export, Export Movie. Select the format you want to export to and save, and there you go. You just made a movie with iSight on your iMac.


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