How to Make Movies on a Computer

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Before making movies with a computer, decide how the media is going to be transferred to the computer. Use a Flash program to tell a story with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Hi, I'm Jared Drake, and I'm going to talk to you about how to make movies on a computer. There's a number of ways to make a movie on the computer. First, you need to decide how you're getting the media to the computer, meaning are you creating the media on the computer, or are you creating it on some other format that you're then going to bring to the computer. To create media on the computer you need some type of program that you can use to tell the story and create the file. Flash is a program that creates animations. There's a number of online sites where you can create movies online,, or are examples of that. If you're creating the movie, if you're creating the media on some outside, with some outside device that you're then going to bring to the computer you pretty much have two choices; one is to shoot film, and two is to shoot video on a digital camera. If you shoot film you shoot the film, then you transfer it to some type of digital format, or transfer it straight to the computer. If you shoot digitally then you shoot it, and essentially plug the camera in through FireWire or USB and import the media straight to your computer. Now, once you have your media on your computer if you create it out with an outside source, you create it on your computer then you need to somehow have edit it, and there's all types of editing software out there. There's Final Cut Pro, there's iMovie, there's Final Cut Express, there's Avid, Avid Express. Those are all software, those are all forms of software that that you can have on your computer to edit the media that you've created. You can do everything in these different software programs. You cut it, you cut out bad takes, you swap the takes around, you know. Maybe you change the image, or add effects to the image somehow. You add all your sound, your voiceover, your your your sound effects, everything in that piece of software. And then, you export it to a format that you want to export to. QuickTime is a popular format. Windows media is a popular format. Export it, and there you go. You have a file on your computer, your desktop, or your hard drive that is a self-contained movie that you used your computer to create.


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