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A movie studio is a company that distributes films, so it's difficult to get distribution licensing from them. Convince a movie studio that there are better ways to drive sales with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jared Drake, and I'm going to talk to you about how to get distribution licensing from movie studios. If the first thing we should do is define what a movie studio is. A movie studio is a company that distributes movies. That's tends to be the definition. They also produce films that they then, that they then distribute. But really, all a movie studio is is a company that distributes films. So basically, if you're tryin' to get licensing to distribute a film that a movie studio already owns it's going to be difficult because they want to distribute themselves. That's where they see all the money. You're going to have to convince them somehow that what you're going to do for the movie will help drive sales for them, the lice, the the the the rights that they already own. So, let's say you are an online distributor. You want to put the movie on your website to have it download. Find out who at the studio owns the rights to the particular film you want. Approach them, and say look, I'm going to put it on my site. I'll give you guys seventy five percent of what I make, or the gross revenue, or the net, or whatever. Work out a deal, you know. That's basically all you can do. Make sure you have a really good attorney, cause' those contracts get really complicated, and you're going to need somebody to negotiate that part of the deal for ya'. If if what you're doin' is you want to distribute a movie yourself that's maybe not at a movie studio, but is at a production company. Somebody that doesn't distribute the movie, but is actually looking for distributors to purchase their film contact those producers directly. The producer is the person you want to talk to. You may have to go through their sales agent. Typically, production companies, independent production companies hire, you know, a sort of middleman. A sales agent that takes a fee of whatever their films are sell sold for. Contact the right person, tell them what you want to do; hey, I'm a theater owner in a small town in North Dakota, you know, I want to show your movie for two weeks in my theater, and work out a deal. Same thing; make sure you have good legal work so there's no confusion there, and just be up front about what you can offer them, and why it's smart for them to license their movie to ya'.


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