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In order to make a homemade 3D movie, a person will need two cameras. Use two cameras side-by-side to shoot a 3D movie with filmmaking tips from a director and filmmaker in this free video on making movies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jared Drake and I'm going to talk to you about how to make 3D movies. What you need to make your own homemade 3D movie is you need two cameras. Basically what you do is you shoot the scene, the story, exact same way you would shoot it with one camera except now you have two cameras rolling and they should be you set them side by side, you want to keep them about 3 to 8 inches to a foot apart from one another. So at the end of production you shot the entire film from two different cameras, essentially the same angle except they're offset just a tad. You import that footage into whatever system you're using to edit and what you'd do is you'd take both the footage, one of them you put a blue overlay onto it and depending on what software you're using to edit, there's a number of ways to do that. And the other one you put a red overlay onto it. Then you take both those images, you throw them into the time line, overlay them, put them on top of one another so they have an overlay and what you should be seeing on your screen at that time is that weird 3D look that you see when you don't have the glasses on. And essentially it's the two layers, that's where you see your offset. The more your offset is, the greater it is, the more of a 3D effect you're going to have and the more blurry your image is going to look at this point. So then you edit the entire film with these images you have a full time line of the overlapped blue, the overlapped red, you export it to whatever you want to export to, QuickTime, Windows Media, whatever and there you go. You have your 3D file on your desktop or on your hard drive exported and you should be able to play it back and put on 3D glasses and see 3D.


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