What Is WAV File?

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A WAV file is the standard Windows format for storing recorded sound. WAV files tend to produce high quality sound, but they also have a tremendous file size. Find out more about WAV sound files the come preloaded on Windows with information from a software developer in this free video on WAV files.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about WAV or W A V files. Now a WAV file is basically a WAV form audio file and it's used to store recorded sound. Now WAV has very high fidelity meaning it's very very high quality. It stores uncompressed data too which is something that you need to keep in mind. Like if you're looking for say, burning a CD you're going to want to use a compressed type of audio file like Mp3 or another one that's called Ogg o g g. WAV is going to be uncompressed. Now where that means you'll get higher quality sound but it also means that the file size is tremendous. You know a song that would be four megabytes as an Mp3 file could probably be as much as two hundred or two hundred and fifty megabytes as a WAV file. Let's go to our computer and I'll show you a little bit about WAV files. WAV is a Windows standard file for audios. I have one here that actually came with Windows called The Chimes WAV. But double click on it, Windows is going to open up and play that sound. And just click play here and it'll play it. That's basically all that a WAV file does is it basically stores sound or music or you know, basically any tune or recorded audio.


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