How Much Money Does an Average Movie Make?

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The money made by an average movie will depend on the budget of the movie, but can range from nothing at all to over 100 million dollars. Find out how independent films can be made for several thousands of dollars and end up making millions of dollars with information from a writer, director and editor in this free video on film.

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Alright folks in this clip we are going to talk about how much money the average movie makes. This is a very difficult thing to answer in that there really is no such thing as an average movie but we can break it down into categories. If you want to talk about the big summer block busters, a respectable summer block buster or winter block buster as the case may be, if it doesn't make more than $100 million dollars often times heads will roll because those movies cost more than $100 million to make almost every single time so if they don't make that money back I guarantee you a lot of people got fired or close to being fired because of that. If you step away from the block buster categories and just go the movies that are marketed more towards adults or specific groups of people, different demographics those are a little bit, have less broad appeal, they are generally made on a budget of anywhere from 20 to 50 million dollars and they are made by a studio and those films are expected to make roughly their budget back and hopefully some extra money in the DVD sales. That would be a happy average amount for a movie made for about 20 to 30 million dollars if they can make anywhere from 20 to 30 million dollars at the box office and a few extra million in DVD sales they'll call it a day. At the Indie level those films are made on a shoe string often times for no more than just a couple million dollars if that and those movies are honestly expected to make nothing necessarily, everyone who invests in them with their time and money hopes that they will find an audience whether it be at a film festival and hopefully then a distributor who loves it from the film festival but there is absolutely no guarantee of anything and honestly with any of those other movies there are no guarantees either but there are a little bit better guarantees when it comes to studio films than with Indie's. With Indie's the sky is the limit though. That's the beauty of it. You can make a movie for $30 thousand dollars that goes on to gross hundreds of millions such as "The Blair Witch Project". A film like that is a phenomenon but all that to say that the amount that those movies can make for the people who invest in them is can be from minuscule to limitless and those are just some examples of the type of profits that different films make.


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