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Selling a TV show requires having a good idea and a good script, hiring an agent, and making a good pitch to producers that will make them want to buy your television show. Consider producing an Internet television show to get noticed with advice from a writer, director and editor in this free video on television.

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Okay folks, in this clip we're going to talk about how to sell a TV show. Well, first you have to have a really good idea. So make sure that everything about your show is perfectly intact. The script is locked down, it's a good script when you read through it, it holds your attention, that is very important--the pilot script, obviously. From there, going to make sure you have a really great pitch in mind. Make sure that when you do it, you really keep it tight, concise, but as absolutely captivating as possible. Explain to whoever you're pitching your series to exactly why it's such a good idea in a way that just is unbelievably obvious to them. Don't obliterate, don't go off on ridiculous tangents, don't explain the entire arc of the first season unless they ask, but really throw the hook at them. That is key. Getting them hooked in and wanting to know more, and see more. If you want them to see more, you're golden. In order to get yourself into the room with the right people, you're going to need someone representing you. You're going to need an agent of some kind. Unless you're looking to produce this thing yourself, and these days you can self distribute on the web and it's relatively simple, but we're specifically talking here about how to sell a television show idea, and to sell a television show idea, you need to somehow convince the people that want to buy it that it's successful. So package it and present it in such a way that really shows them that this idea can make money. Some people take the internet route these days... that's one route I highly recommend. Maybe shoot your own pilot, put it online, and see how many views you can get. If you can get your views up into the millions, I guarantee you someone's going to come knocking wanting to buy that idea from you or somehow capitalize on it. If that's not the way you want to go, find yourself a really good agent who can put you in the room with the right people, because that is really the only other way to do it. So, essentially, those two different approaches are the best ways to sell your television show idea.


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