How to Submit a Script to a Studio

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To submit a script to a studio and get it read, find your best work, find and hire an agent to represent the script, and research which studio is the best fit for the script. Use a critical eye to find the best script in your catalog of material with advice from a writer, director and editor in this free video on script writing.

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Video Transcript

OK folks in this clip we're going to talk about how to submit a script to a studio. Submitting it is easy. Getting it read easier said than done. First of all, you're going to want to have a very good script. Chances are if you are an aspiring writer you probably have a great wealth of material to choose from and you're probably very, very passionate and excited about all of them even though as any writer will tell you, more often than not you're the most passionate about the one you just completed. I'm going to ask you at this point to take a step back and really look at the catalog of material that you have and really sit down and decide which one you believe stands the greatest change of getting made. Which one do you think is the best. Even if it's not necessarily the last one that you did, the one that you're most passionate about. That is step number one. Step number two is where it starts to get a little difficult, you're going to need an agent of some kind because I promise you unless you got a cousin or a brother or a sister or a grandpa, or someone working very high up in the big studios, no one's going to read your stuff unsolicited. You need an agent representing you. So first and foremost before you even think about going to the step of submitting your script, you need someone who's going to represent your script. So hit up the different writers or literary agents that are out there and see if there's someone who's believes enough in your work to represent you. If you're a brand new writer who has absolutely no credits to his name and little to no success at this point, you're going to want and submit to a production companies and smaller studio, ones that are a little bit more inclined to produce the material that's a lot like yours, kind of do your homework a little bit in this area and learn what type of studios producing what type of films. If you submit your material to a studio that is more in line with the type of work that you've written, the chances of it getting read or even produced are much, much, much greater. So again, the best way to approach this is to A, find your best work, B, find someone to represent it and then C, find the right studio to send it to in the first place. That is how you submit your script to a studio.


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