How to Write a Funny Script

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Write a funny script that strives to strike a chord with people, with funny, likable characters put into situations where they are out of their element. Find the humor in a situation, and get the audience to invest in the characters, with advice from a writer, director and editor in this free video on script writing.

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OK folks in this clip we're going to talk about how to write a funny script. Comedy is a very interesting thing. Some people are geniuses at comedy and other people, ones that pander to the lowest common denominator and throw out those movies every other week or so that absolutely suck but unfortunately play to really wide audiences, there's a very wide variety of comedic talent out there. That was my point. Some people do it absolutely brilliantly like the Cohen brothers or different people that create movies that just really strike a chord and become timeless classics in the comedic genre. And then there are people pop out, Date Movie, basically spoof on other people's brilliance and get cheap laughs that way. You do not want to be this person. When you're sitting down to write a funny script, really strive to do something that absolutely strikes a chord with people on more than just their cheap laugh level. You're going to want to try and really find the humor in situations. This is not like a drama in that you are not trying to necessarily take an audience in a dark place where you can therefore like expose their emotions to the raw gritty material that's at the heart of your story, you're trying to get them into a place where they invest themselves in the characters, they enjoy themselves while they're watching this. So as you're writing you really want to look for those beats. Craft the characters in a way that are likable. You want to have a bunch of funny easy to laugh at likable characters. Put them in situations then where they're out of their element. As you read it, you ought to be able to laugh almost at sometimes their misfortune because let's face it, people who are stuck in situations that are not necessarily comfortable or easy for them, that is incredibly funny and just watching them interact with each other in those situations too. Look for those moments. Those are the keys I would say first and foremost when you're sitting down to write a comedy script.


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