How to Produce a TV Show

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Produce a TV show by getting a business degree and networking with other producers; or come up with a good idea, build a team of people to help, and produce an Internet television show. Produce content for the Web that will get people interested in your work with tips from a writer, director and editor in this free video on television.

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Video Transcript

Alright folks in this clip we're going to talk about how to produce a TV show. Route one, go to school, get your business degree, smooze and build up a fatty roll of exit people, find a rich uncle or two or three and become one of the big shot guys who produces prime time shows for the major networks. Long, hard path and absolutely no guarantee of success. However, in this day and age just about anybody can become a series producer, television show producer by utilizing the unbelievably convenient video networking sites that are on the Internet and many, many people become very, very famous by doing this actually. If you go on to youTube and look at some of the highest viewed shows you'll find out that these people are treating their shows like a series and as a producer of one of these series, all you'd really need to first and foremost is an idea, a really, really good idea, an idea that captures people's imagination. Could be a narrative story, could be a variety type of show, could be anything just as long as it's a really good idea that people are going to want to watch. Important thing number one, important thing number two, you're going to need most likely a team to help you out. A lot of the people that produce content for the web some of them do it completely on their own but I bet you anything the ones that do it and are incredibly successful at it and you can tell they've garnered that type of success, they have a team of people, at least a couple of people helping them out. So this is key, especially if you want to parlay this into a professional career of any kind. You need the fame which comes with having a good idea that people want to watch and you're going to need a creative team of people backing you up. These are the two key ingredients in becoming a successful television producer.


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