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A resume for a child actor may not reflect a lot of experience, but it should detail the different things a child can do, such as characters, voices and dialects. Note a child's accomplishments in an acting resume with advice from a professional actor in this free video on acting.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Richard Rifkin and we are here at the Merlin Theater in Budapest and we are going to talk about how to make a kid's resume. You may recognize me, I played the character Horst the blacksmith in the film Eragon which was based on a very best selling young person's book series. So I'm familiar with kids and resumes and working with children. Well it's a little bit different then a regular acting resume only in as much as if you've just started out with your child they don't have all that much experience to put on a resume. But a resume normally looks like this. You've got films you've done or theater, the different things you can do, voices, characters, dialects. With kids obviously they don't have a lot of background and a lot of experience. So you might have to pick things well, say your daughter has won a beauty contest for young people. Well that could be put on the resume. Or your son is on the little league baseball team and he's hit a home run, and he's a good baseball player, he can play baseball. Your kids might be snowboarders or maybe your daughter is in the theater club or has done some plays in school, all of that can be put on a resume. Also anything else that they can do, maybe they can ride a unicycle, a one wheeled bicycle as they would say. Or anything that is going to bring them out and make them a little bit maybe different then the other kids that are there. So I think the most important thing is know your child. Know your son, know your daughter. Find out what qualities they have, what they can do. And if they are a little bit extroverted all the best. Because when you go into seeing an agent or a casting director they want to see a child that is outgoing. So put everything down on your resume for your child, any kind of special activities they do. Their Boy Scouts, their Girl Scouts, anything that will give a casting director some idea of what your child can do. I think that's the best way for you to start. Thanks very much.


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