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Posing for family portraits requires a basic understand of good composition, as all of the people in the group should create a fluid pattern across the photograph to keep the viewer's eye moving. Pose a family for a group portrait with information from a certified professional photographer in this free video on photography.

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When your posing a group indoors in the studio, again the same kind of rules and ideas apply, in that you want the eye to move around the image. When I look at putting my subjects together, I look for number one the power person needs to be in the center, is always a good idea. And then after that, you kind of work out and you look for shapes. In other words, we look, we have a nice triangle here with a big base. We have a triangle between these three heads. We have a triangle between these three heads. We have a triangle between these three heads. A triangle here. So if you see all these different shapes, you're always looking for triangles. And normally, you don't want have eyes on the exact, of any two sets of eyes on the same level. But, in this particular case, I have these guys here, doesn't bother me too much, but normally I would try and maybe have her up just a hair little higher or him a little lower. There is always, you know, a time to do better than what you did when you first took a photo. But this is a pretty good example. And the other thing is, you want to make sure that people are clothed so that, again, the face is the area of highest contrast. If there was one other things that I could do, they did all come dressed pretty much the way I asked, except for, I always ask for long sleeves. And then, therefore, those little patches of arms won't show and compete with the faces. With these group portraits, this is a family, this is a whole family portrait I'm going to be taking you through. And one thing you want to do whenever you do a family portrait, if you'd like to make some money with your business, you want to break down the individual sets into groups. So, the first one, this is the main portrait here. And again, it's very simple, we want the faces to come forward, and look again we have a nice circular pattern going through here. Again, always looking for shapes, triangles. We have a triangle here, we have a triangle here, we have a triangle here, yet we also have a circle. This is really beautiful setup. One thing normally again, I don't normally have two sets of eyes on the same level, but these guys are twins. So there's always an exception to every rule that you might put into a situation. So as you work, you would also want to break down, here's the three kids all by themselves over here as one portrait again. We've got a little triangle working there. And then, also, you'd want to do, you know, everybody individually, So here's mom and dad together, as a group. And again, notice how nice and simple their heads are. They move up and down, we have different levels. And then, on the individuals we're tying this all together, shooting them all. Very similar facing in different directions so they can tie together. And then this sells as an entire grouping for the entire house.


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