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Poses for graduation portraits are similar to simple head shots, with a tilted head and relaxed expression, but proper lighting is key to creating a professional photograph. Find the best angle for a graduation portrait with information from a certified professional photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

When it's time for graduation photos one of the big differences between oh the, you know, the big line where you go down and they sit you down, and you get three frames, and boom, boom, boom, and okay, you're out of here, and they pick the photo. If your school allows you what you want to do is you can go, if you're going to go to a professional the difference will be the lighting. Lighting in the mass mass thing, because they're going through a lot of people and a lot of different directions is going to be very flat, and show no real definition to your face, and not really show who you are. If you go to a professional what you'll see is the the lighting will have a lot more modeling on the face, you'll have more time. Instead of three frames they'll do, you know, anywhere from fifteen to twenty to make sure they've got the expression that they want. So, I'm going to just take a real quick little little moment here, and take a few photographs of Emily and just show you what would happen. Emily, how bout' sittin' up nice and straight for me. Lean toward me, turn your face just a little toward the camera, turn your chin, good. Now, tilt the top of your head over just a little bit, and eyes right here, oh that's sweet. Are you happy inside there Emily? There ya go, and havin' smiles is good. A little tilt; let's try tiltin' the other way Emily, good. Sit up nice and tall, good. Take that breath, aah there ya' go, and a little tilt one more time, beautiful. Turn your face to me just a touch, and the reason I'm doin' that is I'm lookin' for a little bit of light to pop over there. It's called Rembrandt. That's it, just beautiful; look at that. And there would be a big difference between getting the the assembly line photos done at the school and going to a professional. When we look at the light what you're seeing right now at this moment is just the modeling light. Now, what a modeling light does; it allows you to kind of get an idea of what the light's going to look like. When the camera goes off and you see the flash come off that's the actual lighting that matches up to what's going on inside the camera.


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