How to Draw Cornrows

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Drawing cornrows first requires mapping out their basic shape, creating depth by making the rows narrower at the back of the head and adding small details to create a braided pattern. Draw a cornrow hairstyle on a character's head with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing and painting.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm David Lamplugh and I work for Asel Art Supplies in Austin, Texas. I'm here today to try to answer the question about, "How to draw cornrows?" I could try the number of different ways with, with circles and with kind of striations or rope patterns; but I think I'll just concentrate on doing circles. Now I just kind of go along here and start making the shapes. Now, the way cornrows are structured are they, at least these ones is they go thick closely to the head and they make patterns. You see, I'm outlining kind of lines here and these are going to fit on the oval that makes up the head. When you're looking down at something, like that, the lines are closer together. Again, I'm not putting in every dot right now, I'm just getting them to fit to the head how cornrows do. Here this one's seen a little bit, like that and then it's going to form a little bit of ridge on the back of the head to you kind of, kind of try and get something that makes a shape and a pattern and then hopefully follows the contour of the head. Just doing the lines right now, but these lines, it should be noted, are made up of circles. I'm going to angle these lines down 'cause it looks like they've got little cornrows in a kind of mow it type thing here. Striation lines like these are real good to get the idea of, of rope like figure. I'm kind of, these are made up of ovals or line, curve line segments. Now the knots in the circles that make up the knots, you will notice are not the same size. They too are fitting the, the contours of the head and the contours of the skull, they're form-fitting. So I get back toward the back of the head and it starts to beck, starts to bend around the back of the skull, the ovals are going to get more compressed. Now I probably do this as, when I was inking it, I would probably do these things as solid kind of lines made up of ovals; it would be cleaner that way. I will ink one just to show you that. It also make the whiteness of the scalp or the lightness of the scalp stand out to a certain extent. This is kind of a close cropped hair cut that draws hair back very tightly into these balls. So I think it gets probably will help them at being hairstyle and not just patterns to show little bit of hair in the ends, show little bit of hair in the middle, keeping in mind that these ovals are getting smaller. And that is drawing cornrows.


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