How to Draw Facial Hair on Cartoons

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When drawing facial hair on cartoons, concentrate more on the shape and pattern that the hair creates rather than drawing each individual hair follicle. Create stylized facial hair for a cartoon character with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing and painting.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is David Lamplugh and I work for Asel Art Supplies in Austin, Texas. I'm here today to answer a question, how do you draw facial hair on cartoon characters. It's best to concentrate on the shape rather then every single hair on the mustache. It seems to do better. I sometimes use lines as a pattern making emphasis so I'll do every single line. If it's suppose to be a very close mustache, that's very fine and very well groomed, I'll take the time to do that and make it a pattern you know. Here Bob has a very fine mustache. But if you really want to do Bob's mustache which is kind of a little bit shaggy in parts, I'll do the beard just because I've already done that part of it. I concentrate more on the shapes of this mustache. I kind of look in there, it's got a little point, it comes up like that. The hair is slightly curly so I'll go in there like that. Hair fits on the face, you want to follow the contour of the chin with this thing, hair falls down, it tends to curl in unless you do something really crazy with it. You can see I'm kind of making feather lines, this is where I'm going to ink this way, I'm deciding on the direction of the hair. How it fits on the chin. And you see I'm doing a little hair detail in here. Now I could sit there and line out all of these things but I always find that simplicity works better with comics. So why not just do the shape, why not just do the outlining and it usually works better. You can do a couple of stray hairs in there to kind of get the texture of the hair but I would just fill this in and make it the full beard that it is. If they have a scraggly beard or you are working on the mustache then maybe that's the time to do single hairs in a very orderly fashion to emphasize the sparseness of the hair. It kind of goes underneath the chin and up around the collar. Again putting a few stray hairs there to emphasize the texture and the curliness of the hair. Someone forgot to shave this morning or for most of their life so there's a little on the neck. Ok and that is how you draw facial hair on cartoon characters.


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