How to Draw Funny Faces & Bodies

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Drawing funny faces and bodies can be done by creating a character personality, emphasizing a few main characteristics and exaggerating the expressions and body language. Render a comical cartoon character with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing and painting.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is David Lamplugh and I work for Asel Art Supplies in Austin, Texas. I'm here to answer the question today about how to draw funny faces and bodies. You can pick out certain things to emphasize here. The thing about getting a funny face or a humorous face is to think about what you're going to exaggerate, what makes this guy different. Now this is a cop that is watching his beat and stuff like that. So his ears are always open so I'm going to make his ears really big to emphasize that. And he's a square Joe so I'm going to put the hair in. There's no hair below the collar on this. He won't tolerate it for his own personal fitness, the police department won't tolerate it and so he's going to have very close cropped hair, very neat. He's got a frown on. His job is not happy. He's kind of a martinet figure. So I think he's going to be thin. And kind of bowed. Kind of like a set of tubes to a certain extent is what makes up his body. All cartooning is made up shapes and you just want to find almost calligraphic strokes in here. And stuff that moves. He's seen a law breaker. And he won't tolerate. Don't forget things like the badge and the gun. Its the best way to characterize is get all of their accessories together. Do a little quick sketch before you even start this but what their costume looks like he's of course a cop and in America cops carry guns. Bad guys are all over the place. And you've got a night stick. And give them characterization that they need to live and breathe. We're about done with this cop and his funny body and his funny face. But he's no nonsense. He's not a funny anything funny about what you're saying or what I'm saying. He doesn't like me. There we go. And that is how you draw funny faces and bodies.


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