Lighting For Home Photography


When photographing a home, the lighting should reflect the mood of the space, and a wide angle lens helps to capture as much of the room as possible in one shot. Photograph home interiors with information from a professional art and commercial photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rebecca Guenther with and I'm going to talk to you about some lighting techniques for home photography. When you're photographing your home you want to make sure that whatever sort of feeling that you're trying to give in your home through the decorations is sort of captured in the photograph, so if you have a very cozy, very warm looking home, you want to make sure that you shoot it you know when the sunlight is coming in through the windows and maybe only counteract a little bit the sunlight and stuff like that. Brighten it up, make sure using warm toned lights, make sure that everything is really evenly lit but you can be a little bit flexible on what kind of mood you want to portray in the pictures, whereas if your home is more modern and sleek, you're going to want to shoot it very clean looking with no shadows at all and make sure that you bring up some extra lights on anything that's black or dark colored, and sort of have less light on the things that are white so that everything looks evenly lit and comfortable. Because again, how the camera perceives light is completely different than how your eye perceives light. The biggest thing in photographing interiors of houses is you need to make sure that you have a wide angle lens, that would be twenty-eight or smaller in number wise, maybe down to eighteen, and you're going to want to utilize the fact that you're going to have to especially in tight spaces hold back and get as much in the frame as you possibly can. And keep in mind that this warps the pictures so you're going to need to fix it in post-production to make the lines look straight as opposed to looking how the lens makes them look which is oftentimes kind of contorted and things look a little off and disproportionate. But that's just a little bit about photographing in a home.


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