Role of a Stylist in Photography


The role of a stylist in photography can include designing the set, being a wardrobe stylist, doing hair or being a makeup artist. Discover the different roles that various stylists play on a photo shoot with information from a professional art and commercial photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rebecca Guenther with and I'm going to talk to you about the role of a stylist in photography. Now there are a lot of different stylists that are out there. There are set designers, there are wardrobe stylists, you might even include hairstylists and makeup artists. For this specific subject, I'm going to discuss wardrobe stylists and set stylists. Now what a stylist job is, is to make sure that whatever the client wants the look to be, that that's achieved. This can mean, for wardrobe stylists, going to many different stores and pulling clothes and accessories for the photo shoot based on the spec that was sent out to them. That's what the client is reco, you know, wants to end up having. However in some cases the wardrobe is completely provided and the stylist job is to make sure that the accessories are where they need to be, things fit how they need to fit. If maybe something's too big, it's pinned in the back. It's basically to make sure the model looks good. It can also apply to some product photography. Sometimes things aren't very interesting when they're just sitting there on their own and you're going to need a stylist to maybe oppose the objects and so that they, it looks you know, visually pleasing and when you photograph it, it's going to look better. There are also set stylists who are going to deal with setting up possibly an entire room; figuring out what furniture looks better where and you know, how everything needs to come together, maybe there needs to be a blanket over this part of the bed; maybe there needs to be, you know, a foot stool, needs to be moved a little better turn. These are all things that stylists can do on-set and that's what their role is in photography.


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