Proper Breathing Techniques for Singing

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The proper breathing technique for singing involves exhaling all of the air in your lungs, sucking in the stomach and dropping the belly so that air will automatically come back into the body. Practice this passive breathing method by using the stomach to breath with instructions from a professional musician and actress in this free video on singing.

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Hi, I'm Athena Reich. I'm an actress, a musician and performance coach here in New York City, and we're just blocks away, right now, from Times Square, the home of Broadway. In this clip, I'm going to talk about proper breathing techniques for singing. If you'd like to become a singer, and you aspire to be a singer on the Broadway stage, or in any kind of meaning, medium, whether it's a rock and roll singer, an opera singer, or on Broadway, it's really important to learn how to breathe. The simplest way I can teach it to you is expel, exhale, all of your air. Pheew! And let the air out, and at the same time that you let it out, let your stomach come in. Suck in your stomach while thee air comes out, so, hahh...and then if you drop your belly, the air should come in automatically. Passively. This is called passive breathing. It's originally comes from Bel Cantos singing which is the old operatic style from the the middle ages in Italy and this is really the traditional way to breathe, so if you exhale when you exhale, your tummy goes in and when you inhale, your tummy goes out. It's sort of like a balloon. When air goes out a balloon, the balloon gets smaller, and when air goes in the balloon, it's bigger, except the trick is when thee air comes in, try and make it passive. Don't suck in the air. Don't use your shoulders or your upper lungs. Really try to have it be deep in your belly. So exhale, hahh, and then drop your belly and let thee air come in by itself. If you open your mouth, and drop your belly, air will come in all by itself. Try it, it's fun. It's not too hard, and it works! This has been Athena Reich on proper breathing techniques for singing.


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