Steps to Becoming a Songwriter

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Become a songwriter by finding a songwriting coach, joining a writing circle and using stream of consciousness writing to get your feelings down on paper. Be clear about who the song is speaking to with help from a professional musician and actress in this free video on songwriting.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Athena Reich. I'm an actress and musician and performance coach here in New York City and we are just blocks away right now from Time Square, the home of Broadway. In this clip I'm going to give you steps to becoming a song writer. If you would like to become a Broadway song writer there are a lot of steps that you really must under take. It is a lot of hard work to become a really good song writer. One of the things I can always recommend is to find a good song writer coach. I do personally give song writing lessons and I know that there is many people at universities or at different kinds of organizations who can give you feed back, critique. You can also join a writing circle among peers where you can show your songs and get some really objective feedback which is really important is to just release your inner writer. Write your morning pages, just a stream of consciousness writing, write and write and write, write all your feelings, write them down, don't ever edit yourself, get them all down and then re-read it. What are some of the key points there that you know, what are some of the key images that you want to develop? Each song has somebody that you are speaking to. Who are you speaking to in the song? Are you speaking to God, are you speaking to yourself, to your lover or to your father. Be very clear in who you are speaking to and just let yourself be free, let yourself be really creative and try lots of things and you have got to write 100 bad songs to get one good one so just let yourself write and write and write. This has been Athena Reich with tips on becoming a song writer.


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