How to Write a Broadway Song

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Write a Broadway song for a musical by expressing either an emotion or an action that will move the plot forward for different characters. Consider the chorus and verses of a Broadway musical song using advice from a professional musician and actress in this free video on songwriting.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Athena Reich, I'm an actress and musician and performance coach here in New York City and we're just blocks away right now from Times Square, the home of Broadway. In this clip, I'm going to talk about how to write a Broadway song. If you want to write a song that's going to fit into a musical, you have to think that there are different kinds of songs that fit in a musical. There are feeling songs, emotional songs, kind of like a monologue where a character takes a moment and has so much emotion that talking is just not going to do justice and not going to express that character's emotions, that's a feeling song where a character expresses the feelings and the feelings are just so overwhelming that they need to put them into music. Then there are action songs in Broadway shows where songs which help further the action of the plot. In these songs, you might have multiple characters singing at the same time singing about different feelings or singing oh we're going to war and I don't want to go to war, yes I want to go to war and you might have conflicting emotions and thoughts and desires and things like that. And in a Broadway song like any other song, you need to think about telling the story, getting from one point to the next as the character in a feeling song, does the character begin very sad and find hope in the end, in an action song where does it begin and where does it end? There's choruses and there's verses, do your research and make sure that your song helps further the plot of your Broadway show. This has been Athena Reich in New York City.


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