How to Set Up a Mail Merge Data Source in Microsoft Word

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Setting up a mail merge data source in Microsoft Word can be done by creating a table, entering in all of the name and address fields and importing that document into the mail merge documents. Create a data list for mail merge documents, such as form letters, with a tutorial from a computer consultant in this free video on computer programs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle Parker, for Expert Village. I'm going to show you how to set up a mail merge data source, in Microsoft Word, and so what I'm going to show you, is how to create that list, so first you're going to need to open up a new document, and there's a couple of ways you can go about this. You can create a table, if you'd like, and then if you're using something like name, phone, and this is going to be some type of contact list. You could fill out these fields, and then once you do this you can simply save your document, and then once you've created a new document, like a form letter, you can import your data source that you've created, by going to Data, and then just pulling this in, and then now, as you'll see, from all those names at the top, we've got name, phone number, email, and address, the fields that we created at the top column there, and Word has done all the work for us, so now, if we want to create a letter, you can just throw in name information, that will change each time you create a document. We'll update from our data list that we have created. The second way that you can do this, is if you don't want to create a separate document, or you're not importing it from your email list, or some other document, that's already been created, you can simply go to new data source, and then you can put all the fields. Here's some of the presets. You can remove as many of them as you'd like. To make it simple or complex, you could add new field names, so say there is something in here, that you don't have, such as, email is not on here, so we could do email, and then add that field name to the list, and then whenever you click Ok, you will need to save this new document, and then you'll get your form, that will have all of this that you can create, so you can then simply enter all of the data, and then just continually adding new, and then it will create new records each time, such as the ones that we created in the other, and then whenever you're done, you simply click Ok, and then all of our fields will be updated, with their new information, and there you go.


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