What Do Fleas Look Like?

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Fleas are 1 to 10 millimeters long, are flattened side-to-side and have enlarged hind legs. Discover how to identify fleas by their color or jumping behavior with information from an entomologist in this free video on insects and bugs.

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Video Transcript

I'm Mike Quinn. I've been an entomologist for 20 years. We're here in Austin, Texas talking about what do fleas look like? They're tiny. They can be one millimeter long, one to ten millimeters. Most are less than five millimeters long. One of the main characteristics is that they're flattened side to side and they also have enlarged hind legs that leg them jump. So if you see a small flattened insect, they can be black to pale and if they're jumping that's a pretty good indication that you or your house or your pets or something, you're experiencing fleas. And they're rather difficult to control so consult with a specialist on that, but the flattened side and jumping are some of the ways to identify fleas.


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